Tuesday, June 30, 2009

About 50 more days...

until law school starts.

I don't think it has hit me yet that I'm starting law school in about a month and a half. I've just more or less have accepted it as a fact. Haven't really thought much about it.

Though, I was reading something, I think this startled me more than anything. Because what if I don't do well in law school or well enough? And then I don't pass the bar! And if you don't pass the bar, then those three years were kind of a waste, right? And I'm not talking like, failing the bar the first time or second, I'm talking about taking the thing 20 times and still failing! Ugh. I don't even want to think of it. The whole thing just scares me. Though I am trying to keep things in perspective. It seems very silly to be scared of failing the bar when I haven't even started law school yet! So obviously, I'm being a bit ridiculous.

I'm blaming my silliness on one of my best friends from childhood who is also starting the same law school with me in the fall. She and I talked last night and she sounded...frantic. Which is strange to me because this is a girl who graduated valedictorian from high school, was the only Honors Scholar in her college and graduated college with a 4.0. She also works at the capital in my state and recently got a call from the President of the state's school system to prep her about a press conference she was giving that afternoon. She's obviously a high achiever. It's strange to hear her be worried about something like law school already, because I figure if any one will succeed there, she will.

I think once I buy my new laptop and books for class in the fall, everything will begin to feel more real.


Anonymous said...

I just received my 13-inch Macbook (the 2.53 GHz version). So far, I'm loving it!

John said...

Your friend though could potentially be in for a rude shock. The 4.0 student in college is the one who gets smacked upside the with the curve. It sounds like she's stuck between dealing with the fact that she won't get a 4.0 in law school, and trying figure out how to ensure she will.

Lauren M. said...

The chances that you'll actually fail are more lower than the chance that you'll do fine.

Don't stress out about it! Just focus on your new adventure with enthusiasm!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you name your laptop something affectionate. That way on a shoddy day you can be all like,

"#$&($(*#$(*#, Cuddles, why does law school suck so much #$(*#$(*#?"


S said...

Law school's awesome. Don't ruin it by fretting about some test you have to take in 3 years.

Of course, I did go to Wisconsin Law, the place where you don't have to take a bar exam, so what do I know? (I did take a bar, I just didn't know until my 3rd year that I would be working in a state other than WI.)

Anonymous said...

Haha. Law school is when the type A kids become the neurotic-hot messes...and the rest of us laugh.

The people who tend not to pass the bar after multiple tries are those who don't study or have severe, severe test anxiety. I wouldn't worry about that yet.

Anonymous said...

You should not be worrying about the bar exam before you even start law school. There are far more pressing issues that confront you right now, like the implosion of the biglaw market and the resulting near impossibility of finding work as a lawyer. The long term effects of the market today, combined with the ever increasing number of law schools graduating an ever increasing number of JDs, are going to make the market extremely competitive for you and your class. I really get the impression you don't know what you are getting yourself into, particularly since you seem worried at the prospect of putting in the amount of work necessary to pass the bar--your 2L year will be at least as much work as studying for the bar, and your 1L year will seem that way because of the level of sheer terror you will experience until you start your second year and realize how coddled you were. Good luck