Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Admitted Students Reception

I went to the Law School's Admitted Students' Reception. It was okay - a meet and greet thing. I'm not so good at mingling. I mainly just talked to the people I know. Besides, I didn't have many questions because I've been bombarding a 1L I know at the Law School with questions for a couple of weeks now. I'm questioned out.

I'm fairly sure that's where I'm going in the fall. So sure, in fact, that I'm going to pay my seat deposit this week. As soon as I get the money in my bank account.

As for my friends.... I just don't know. They don't care and that sucks. It really sucks to want to hang out with them and miss them like I do and know that they don't feel the same about me. That they are fine without talking or hanging out or any type of communication whatsoever. I guess it's good I'm starting law school in the fall. Kind of a chance at a new beginning. Maybe make some new friends there? Let's hope so.

Friday, March 27, 2009


My Spring Break is coming to an end. It's been a nice week of laying around, being lazy, watching tv, rubbing Lola's (the miniature poodle) belly, telling Bruno (the yorkie) what a handsome boy he is, petting Hercules (the cat), and sleeping. I'm sad to see it end.

In strange news, well I think it's strange, I have a lawschoolnumbers.com account. I tried to update it regularly, because I think they are helpful, or at least other people's accounts were helpful for me when applying to law schools. However, I got an anonymous comment on mine that was like, "Congrats on your acceptances. You should be withdrawing from schools so other people can have your spot." A part of me agreed. I do know where I'm going in August, 95% certain of it at least, but another part of me... wants to wait. Some of those schools I really like, just don't have the money to go, didn't get the scholarship offers. I kind of want to wait a bit and see if I do get some offers, or at least wait until I'm 99% sure I'll be staying at Undergrad for Law School. Afterall, it was my hard work that got me into those schools in the first place. Aren't I entitled to wait until I'm sure, nearly 100%, until I start withdrawing? So I appreaciate the congrats from the person (the anonymous person, seriously, who makes that comment anonymously?), but kind of feel it was a bit rude to tell me to withdraw. Maybe that's just me though. People are strange.

Maybe I'll write about this more on another day, but my roommate and I are having trouble with our friends (different set of friends). As far as mine go, I think I overrated them. I thought Clementine and Amelia were fantastic, the best friends some one could have, but... they're not. It's sad. To me, they are my top priority usually, up there with family. If they need something, I'll drop what I'm doing. I make compromises, concessions for them, but they can't do the same for me, the thought doesn't even enter their mind. Sure, if it's convenient for them, then maybe. Oh well, what can you do. Sometimes you have to take what you can get.

I don't want to go back to school.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break

doesn't actually start for me until Monday (the 23rd) but I just took my Law and Economics test, so in my head, break begins now.

The test wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. I couldn't remember well the probabilities associated with expected performance damages and restitution/reliance damages when the buyer is risk averse and seller is risk neutral, and vice versa, and vice versa, and so on and so forth. I could remember what the definitions of liquidated damages, expectation damages, reliance damages were, what are formulation based defenses and performance based defenses for voiding a contract are, the advantages and disadvantages of specific performances, gap-filling by the courts, and using subjective valuations are, and what the economic rationale of enforcing unilateral contracts are. (why did I write this all down? so I can look back and remember that I did learn this at some period in time...)

I can't wait for break. Sure I'll likely have to write three papers over it, one of them being the all important capstone paper, but I just am so looking forward to no classes and no work for one week. Thank goodness. I'll take what I can get.

Also, I withdrew from 2 law schools the other day. One of them was the first school that accepted me... but it had to be done. Still haven't heard from 3 schools. I just want to know! I don't even care about the result so much anymore...good grief.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law ?

Oh hey, it's March...

I've been meaning to post, just haven't had anything to post about. Still haven't heard from 2 of my law schools. Still accepted into 9 and rejected at 2. Still deferred at 1 and still have only withdrawn from 1 (I really need to get on that!).

However, after my spring break, I'll be attending an open house, so yay! That'll be something to write about, of course it isn't until March 31st. Figures.

I'm supposed to be in my Law and Economics class, but alarm didn't go off (or rather it did, but was on silent) and my body alarm didn't wake me up until 8:03 am. But! since I feel guilty about missing class I did some capstone research. And I did actually do the reading for class, so I figured I'll email my professor in 30 or so minutes and make an appointment to meet with him to go over some of the questions I had over the articles.

And on a related note, can someone explain to me what 'bargaining in the shadow of the law' means? Much appreciated.