Thursday, April 30, 2009


Capstone paper is done. At 22 pages. Submitted it for final grading on Wednesday.

Wrote my philosophy paper on Voltaire's satire "Candide" criticism of Leibniz's philosophy. It's a 3000 word paper, which is 10 pages. Wrote that in two days. Wrote 800 of the words in 40 minutes.

Now tonight I need to write a paltry 3 page paper, so I can start on the 8 page take home final papers that my History professor passed out today.

So freaking tired. Though there's that part of me telling me that I just have to keep going and to be honest? I like being busy. I like working. I like being challenged.

So, yeah, law school? I'm ready. (Okay, I want summer break, then when that ends, I'll be ready. Well, probably not, but I'm tired of Undergrad so might as well move on to bigger and ... better (?) things. )

Monday, April 20, 2009

Privacy Breach!

Crap. One of my friends from high school found me on twitter under the username I found for this blog. I don't know if she knows about the blog (not that it would be too big of a deal, thankfully this blog has remained pretty anonymous so far) but still. Oh well. Just had to change a couple of things on my twitter account and it's all good.

I hope.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lawyer Jokes and Metaphors

I have found 4 somewhat bad lawyer jokes in my Law & Economics textbook in Chapter 10: An Economic History of the Legal Process. They are:

- A businessman receives a bill from his lawyer that reads: "Crossed street to see client. Thought it was you. $50."

- A sociologist studying longevity found that the average lawyer lives twice as long as the average doctor and three times as long as the average school teacher. Life span for lawyers was computed using billing hours.

- Q; Why don't sharks attack lawyers? A. Professional courtesy.

- "It was so cold last winter, that I saw a lawyer with his hands in his own pockets."

Now for the metaphors:

- "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

- "If you think justice is expensive, try injustice."

I like the metaphors better than the jokes. Though both, admittedly, make the reading more interesting. Don't know how much context they add, but oh well.

Also, finished editing capstone paper and I made a powerpoint presentation for it. Yay! and the presentation for it isn't until Tuesday. It's done and ahead of time.

I like being productive like this, while also watching House and Law & Order today as well and eating Ben & Jerry ice cream.

All in all, a pretty decent day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Capstone paper is done...enough that I could turn it in/present it next week.

Does some tweaking and maybe adding a paragraph or two NEED to be done? Yes, I think. However, it is done enough that I am relieved and content with it. It's a good feeling. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. All that is left is editing. Thank goodness.

Now, all that is between me and graduation is: presenting aforementioned Capstone paper, 32 days, Law & Economics test (no final in the class, last test is on May 7th), and Ancient Greek History take home final. Doesn't even matter if I pass Early Modern Philosophy and Cross-Cultural Psychology, though I do expect myself to pass these classes and hopefully ace them as well.

Just so so so glad to have finished capstone (though it is a very rough draft.) Good enough for me right now.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A few things

First off, I must stop procrastinating. Seriously, that capstone paper isn't going to write itself, no matter how much I wish it would. Plus, the sad thing is I have 11 pages so far and have a list of what all I need to finish for the paper to be considered 'finished.' All I have to do is the work. Easier said than done, I guess. Well, obviously.

Secondly, I'm getting more excited about law school since I paid the seat deposit. It kind of drives me crazy that I don't have my class schedule yet, but oh well, not much can be done about that. Must. have. patience.

Also, about 35 days left until graduation! Thank goodness is all I have to say about that.

I'm so tired of this semester and I need summer employment. I have taken some steps to fix the latter part of the previous sentence. Like talked to my current employers about tutoring this summer and filled out an application to help with freshman stuff this summer (for the Undergrads). Hopefully, one of those will come through, if not both.

Additionally, I have 3 friends that are currently engaged. One of which, I am the Maid of Honor. I love her (the bride), so it's a huge honor to me to be up there with her when she gets married. Plus, I can pick my own dress, as long as it's black. Good deal, I think. And since this wedding has been in the works for about five years, I don't have to do much as Maid of Honor, since everything has been taken care of for a while. Basically, I just have to show up, appropriately attired and be supportive. This I can totally do. I'm so happy for her, that this wedding is finally happening.

Fourthly (or Fifthly) well, I don't really know what else I have. Oh! I have no motivation or incentives right now. I'm already accepted and paid the seat deposit for my law school. I have an A in one of the classes I need to graduate in and a B in the other class. As for the other two classes I'm in, I have an A in one and a B in the other. I'm a-okay with these grades. As far as showing up to class and doing the homework for said classes, just yeah. Where's my motivation? I should probably find it...eventually...some day. Yeah, I'll get on that... and the capstone paper as well.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Seat Deposit

I paid my seat deposit this week. $500 that I'll never see again... oh well. It had to go, I guess. Kind of amusing fact, I changed my facebook status to "Paid my seat deposit today." My friend asked me on facebook chat if that meant I was getting butt implants. Um, no, but then I asked him if I need butt implants and I got more of an ambiguous response there. Hmmm.

Moving on....

I'm beginning to really look forward to law school. 41 days left until I graduate! I have an A and a B in the two classes I actually NEED to graduate and an A and a B in the other two classes I'm in. As far as the capstone goes, I present my paper presentation on the 21st this month. And then, I don't know what else I have left. Commencement? Finals? We'll see. I'm getting excited though!