Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Wheels Keep on Turning

Today I'm coming to you *live* from my study carrel at school. Whoo! So exciting.
Probably shouldn't be updating my blawg while I'm at school, but meh. It's not like my study carrel partner (I have to share) is around or wants to use the study carrel and I actually did my K reading... unlike 75% of my class I'd say.

People have stopped going to K. Prof K doesn't seem to mind, or even notice really. Well, okay, he did comment on it one day, but he was more puzzled about the silence, not really the lack of students. I understand why people don't go, and yet, I continue to go to class. I don't know if I'm getting anything out of it. I can't say that for my other classes, I know that by attending those, that I'm learning...

It's not the same with K. Prof K lectures, but has different expectations for us when it comes to the final. Which is frustrating, because he wants us to do all this outside reading and essentially learn K on our own, but it's hard to do that when that's all the guidelines you have, nothing more. He lectures in class over the casebook and the like, but that's not what he expects us to know on the final.

At least it is March.

Almost time for spring break. Still have lots of work to be done. So, home I will go in hopes of productiveness to be achieved there.