Saturday, January 22, 2011


It's been a while since I last posted...

Last semester was my best semester grade wise (though, that's not saying much). I'm still near the middle of my class. My friend, her strategy was to drink most nights before her final, ended up with her best grades of the semester and I believe broke into the top 20% of the class, so, there you go. The classes she studied the most for, she did the worst in and vice versa. Fortunately for me, the classes I studied the most for, Constitutional Law and Basic Tax, ended up being my best grades this semester and my best grades in law school yet. Still, I didn't study this semester nearly as much as I did as a 1L, so the incentive to work my ass off and study more this semester just isn't there.

I do have a job. I'm going to be doing some legal research for an attorney in town (hopefully interesting stuff) and I am also working at the courthouse too. We'll see exactly what that will entail, but probably stuff I can't blog about, which is fine too. Especially seeing how much I do blog.

Hopefully everyone else had a great semester.

I'm not taking anything too terribly interesting this semester - another tax class, evidence, a class on the environment and one on mental disability and the law (these two are my "interesting" classes, but the environmental law class has just turned out to be a bore so far) and a UCC class for the bar. So, exciting times my friends, exciting times...