Thursday, April 30, 2009


Capstone paper is done. At 22 pages. Submitted it for final grading on Wednesday.

Wrote my philosophy paper on Voltaire's satire "Candide" criticism of Leibniz's philosophy. It's a 3000 word paper, which is 10 pages. Wrote that in two days. Wrote 800 of the words in 40 minutes.

Now tonight I need to write a paltry 3 page paper, so I can start on the 8 page take home final papers that my History professor passed out today.

So freaking tired. Though there's that part of me telling me that I just have to keep going and to be honest? I like being busy. I like working. I like being challenged.

So, yeah, law school? I'm ready. (Okay, I want summer break, then when that ends, I'll be ready. Well, probably not, but I'm tired of Undergrad so might as well move on to bigger and ... better (?) things. )

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