Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Admitted Students Reception

I went to the Law School's Admitted Students' Reception. It was okay - a meet and greet thing. I'm not so good at mingling. I mainly just talked to the people I know. Besides, I didn't have many questions because I've been bombarding a 1L I know at the Law School with questions for a couple of weeks now. I'm questioned out.

I'm fairly sure that's where I'm going in the fall. So sure, in fact, that I'm going to pay my seat deposit this week. As soon as I get the money in my bank account.

As for my friends.... I just don't know. They don't care and that sucks. It really sucks to want to hang out with them and miss them like I do and know that they don't feel the same about me. That they are fine without talking or hanging out or any type of communication whatsoever. I guess it's good I'm starting law school in the fall. Kind of a chance at a new beginning. Maybe make some new friends there? Let's hope so.


Dennis said...

Haha, sometimes it's useful to ask the same questions of different 1Ls. You'll be surprised by how much the answers vary.

Molly said...

True, but... haha, I don't know. I trust her answers and they are pretty much what I've found to be true on the blawgs too.