Thursday, June 11, 2009

Class Schedule

Class schedules have been posted. I have Civil Procedure on Tuesday and Thursday, though I start my Tuesdays and Thursdays with Lawyering (a "how to be a lawyer" type class) at 8:30. Could be earlier, I guess. Since I'm only about walking distance of five minutes from my apartment to the law school... I'm not too concerned about the time. I have Contracts three days a week and Torts four days a week. My friend, Connie, is jealous because her Civil Procedure class is three days a week, while mine is only two. Oh! I'm kind of bummed. I wanted to be in the same section as Connie. But, of course, since there are only two sections, she's in section one, while I'm in section two. Figures. Oh well, we did compare our schedules and find that we have class at most of the same time in the building, so it's not like our schedules completely mismatch or something like that. It just would have been nice to know that I have someone completely in my corner and I in her's.

I only have one class on Fridays though, thus far. One of my classes (Legal Research and Writing) has yet to be scheduled. So that class could ruin things. Meh.

My brother and mom were up yesterday and today. He was visiting Undergrad school for his schedule and summer welcome stuff for the fall. He has his class schedule in order now too. As a nerd, I'm super excited about this. Plus, he's majoring in engineering, which is amazing to me. I only thought briefly about majoring in engineering. I had such a tough time in physics that it seemed like a ridiculous idea to me. So, I'm excited for him. I hope he sticks with it.

I'm thinking of putting this design on my wall in my new apartment, but maybe in a different color. Then again, the price is a bit high to me. Hmmm, something to consider I think.

It is Lola's birthday today! She's 6 (or 42 in human years).

Isn't she pretty? Well, I think she is...


Anonymous said...

Wow, you got your schedule so early! I didn't get mine until August last year...drove me absolutely crazy :)

That wall art is really cool...I've never even thought of something like that before! I can't paint my new place, but this might be a fun alternative (or something similar).

Anonymous said...

Lola looks not a day past 21!

Brandon said...

I wish my school would post our schedules already. Lucky!