Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So, my last post was more or less about a friendship that is, or maybe isn't, falling apart.

What I would like is to have a friendship like House's and Wilson's.

Yeah, House is a jerk and Wilson is inhumanely patient with him, these exaggerations of character seem to concrete that it's just a tv show, but still! I want a friendship like that, just where two people honestly care about one another.

I want to be Wilson though.

I want a friendship like Denny and Alan's too (on Boston Legal). I love them together. As individuals, they are okay, for the most part I prefer Shirley. But together, they are wonderful. To me, the end where Denny and Alan are sitting on the balcony reflecting on the day and smoking their big cigars is the best part of the show. Sure, the grandiose speeches are nice at times, but it's the friendship that I love.

When you search "denny and alan" a better picture shows up with them dressed as flamingos, but I didn't feel up to explaining that.

Nothing new on the law school front. I walked over to the administrative building on campus to have them send my transcript to the law school and there is probably less than 100 feet between the two. Lots of time and energy wasted with bureaucracy bullshit but oh well. I guess it must be done....


Anonymous said...

I love Boston Legal!

...that's what made me want to become a lawyer. And if a career in law is nothing like Denny Crane's life, then I've made an enormous mistake.

Anonymous said...

Hmmf. It's so hard to leave comments on blogger...

I remember for undergrad I hand-delivered all of my application materials to the local schools...LSAC/Law schools don't allow that though. Sigh.

And all these shows... I think I'm behind...

Anonymous said...

Great shows, great bro-mances... It's a sad thing, but many friendships do come and go. However, as you go along in life, at least this is how it has been for me, you'll see that the really solid ones last, even as circumstances change.

Post-undergrad, I found it really challenging to transition from the school world (where it seemed I had a lot of social time) to the "real" world, where people have a lot of commitments - jobs, spouses, kids etc. - and not as much time to just hang out.

Going into law school, though, you are going to immersed in a new community going through very intense experience that for sure will mean a lot of late night bonding, whether over casebooks or beers.

It can be a competitive atmosphere, especially at some schools, but it's also a great opportunity to make friends. ;)