Sunday, June 14, 2009

This weekend

Friday was pay day at work. I can almost afford this. I just want a laptop that is small, light, and has a long battery life. Supposedly this laptop's battery life lasts for seven hours. Sounds good to me. I don't want to have to buy another battery for law school exams. A friend of mine (she is now a 2L) told me that some of her 1L exams lasted up to 5 hours and that she had to buy extra batteries for her laptop so that she could finish her exams since she wasn't able to actually plug in her laptop to keep it charged (my law school building is a bit behind with technology in the classrooms). I actually can now afford this laptop, but I can't afford to put Microsoft Word on it, so might as well wait until I have enough money for that too.

On Saturday, my brother came up. I had him drive all around town and tried to point out restaurants and shops to him and his girlfriend. I also showed them the trails and caves that are around as well. It was fun. I like having him down here. I'm really beginning to look forward to August.

He left today. We went here for lunch and it was delicious. I'm kind of sad to see him go. He said he'll be up on Thursday though.

Work tomorrow. It's not so bad, just monotonous. I like having somewhere to go and something to do and to be paid for it as well. Just, my brain is so inactive. Oh well, that'll likely change in August.

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Anonymous said...

The prospect of a 5 hour exam terrifies me.

I'll have to pee like 27 times!