Tuesday, June 23, 2009


One of my close friends from high school/college (she was my roommate for three semesters and I loved living with her) got married on Saturday, the 20th. Though she and her (now) husband are my age (21) they have been together for almost 5 years now. They are both adorable and love each other so much. I know it's sappy, but for them, it's true. And for them, though I usually can't stand sappy, mushy, lovey-dovey stuff, I make my exception for them.

I was her maid of honor. It was a lot of funny and fortunately, since this wedding has been in the work for almost four years now, there wasn't too much that I had to do. Although, the only thing they had professionally done were the flowers and those turned out to be Pepto Bismol pink which was not at all what she asked for and they were all carnations, not the white roses she wanted either. So about two hours before the wedding, I and one of her sister-in-law's took apart the flower bouquets that the florist put together and re-did the arraingements with the white roses that her fiance bought. The new bouquets turned out beautiful and in plenty of time before the wedding.

It was a great weekend. I'm kind of surprised I had so much fun at the wedding, but maybe since it was people that I cared about I had more fun.


Brandon said...

It's good that you had a fun time. The last wedding I went to seemed to go on forever! Maybe it was because it was a gay couples' committment ceremony and they go on longer, who knows.

Anonymous said...

Weddings are great. I was once at a wedding where all the grooms men had to pitch in to make the bouquets. It was an enlightening experience. Roses are a (#*$( to work with.