Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm feeling more anxious about law school. Which is quite natural, since it is a huge endeavor I'll be taking on in about a month and large energy, time, and financial investment. Thank you those that tried to ease my nerves in the last post's comments! It was much appreciated.

Like I said, I know it's ridiculous to be worrying over the bar before starting law school, but it's just a concern I have. I mean, the three years of law school basically come down to that test. If you don't pass the bar, then what good is your legal degree if you want to practice law?

Additionally, I have NO desire to work in BIGlaw. None whatsoever. What am I interested in? I'm interested in dispute resolution-type jobs, public interest work like public defender, prosecution, government legal jobs, and environmental work. Though I am making a conscious effort to not rule anything out. Best to keep an open mind.

In other news, I went home for the weekend. Joy! I love home. It makes me happy. Also, I named two of the kittens (the friendly ones, not the wild ones).



They are very sweet. They purr as soon as you touch them, which I love. Some of the other cats and kittens are wild...which is no good. Can't get within a foot of them. Oh well, there is always Hercules.


Anonymous said...

cute kittens! :) I understand the Bar anxiety. I've had bouts of it myself (and even more as it gets closer for me). Still, my philosophy is that I will find SOMETHING to do with myself! If I fail the Bar, I'll find a job that uses my passions and legal training somehow until I either pass the Bar or decide not to retake.
You saying "in a month" reminds me that 2L starts next month for! Where did summer go!
*enjoy* your free time for the rest of summer!

Anonymous said...

Try not to think about the bar just yet. Take one step at a time. and try to relax as much as possible before classes start!:)

shelley toye said...

just a suggestion - havahart trap the kittens. I trapped five, two were caught together, and they were so feral I couldn't touch them. Got them neutered (12 weeks is the requested minimum in New England) and now they're house cats and very friendly.

thanks for caring and loving them!


Molly said...

reply to shelley toye:

my parents are looking into cat traps. actually, those two in the pictures were adopted and some of the other ones are friendly now, the three that are left. my parents are animal people, so the cats will always have a home at our house (and the cats have the entire barn to themselves!)