Friday, January 2, 2009

My Mother

Sometimes I think my mom was born in the wrong decade. She has no desire to clean or cook and obviously hates doing either, especially the cooking. She would much rather be working, she's very independent. If my dad asks her to do something (like an errand or something) my mom is just like, 'meh whatever' if she wants to do it, she will, but otherwise, not a chance. She has no problem going to movies and running errands and taking trips on her own, she doesn't have to have my dad with her, in fact I think most of the time she prefers to be on her own. Also she has to fix things on her own. She's the one that maintains the vehicles and the computers (well my brother helps with that). And this is a women who turns up the radio to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Who discusses Vonnegut with me and was so excited when she saw that Barnes and Noble had a copy of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

I think that because my mom was born in the 50's in a Midwestern farmhouse to Baptists, she felt compelled to major in education in college (though she hated it when she was a teacher) and get married then have a couple of kids. I think if my mom was born now she'd have a career and forget the marriage and kids part, but I don't know if she'd be any happier. Who knows.

Also, happy new year. I don't really have any resolutions, except I'd like to be healthier (eat better) and I'm going to work on becoming a morning person. I just think that would work to my advantage in the long run.

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