Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Applying Early...

is such a fantastic idea.

Today, I got into a school that according to chiashu.com (which is not the authority on law school admissions, but is given a lot of credence it seems) gave me a 45% of being accepted to. Granted, my LSAT was slightly (like a point) below the reported 25th percentile score and my gpa was above the 75th percentile score. Also I wrote a "Why us?" essay.

Its just exciting because this was the first law school I applied to as well and they want me. Yay!

Now if only they will give me money....

I dropped my terrorism class today. Though it's probably my most interesting class and the professor is fantastic, the students in the class are... well, to put it politely, they express themselves rather poorly and needlessly. I think they speak just to hear their own voice. Plus, a project in the class that is worth 50% of the grade is due at the same time as my senior capstone project, which is necessary to graduate. And you know what? I've gotten attached to the idea of graduating in May...so, yeah.

Capstone wins!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! I applied early too. It was nice not to have that hanging over my head my last semester of college (not that the waiting wasn't stressful too, but not as much as the paperwork). Funny how we get attached to those little things like graduating, huh? :)