Monday, January 5, 2009


So, I've made a preliminary (read: subject to change) decision concerning where I will be going to law school this! fall. As of right now, it's Undergrad school. Mostly because it is in-state for me and it's public, making it by far the cheapest school. I have received two scholarships from other schools...but I would rather go to Undergrad school over those. However, if a school I would like to go to more (and there are a couple) offer me scholarships, all bets are off.

You see, the thing is...with going to Undergrad school, I'll graduate with no debt. If I choose one of the private schools, I'll have debt and with an uncertain and unsteady economy looming in the future, it just seems a better idea for me to attend a school that I know and could/would be potentially happy at. And if I get more scholarship offers, I'll consider those of course. Afterall, it is only January, I have only heard from 5 of the 15 schools I applied to so far, so there is plenty of time for me to hear from more schools about money/acceptances.

I'm content with the decision.

I'm not going to tell my Dad about it though. He's been pushing Undergrad school for months now and he hasn't really been talking to me since December 31st when I told him I liked and would rather go to another school more (another school whose tuition is twice that of Undergrad's tution per year... eek!). So yeah, I'm going to wait for him to stop being silly and then I'll let him know what I've decided-ish.


Anonymous said...

Remember the economy will (hopefully) be in a different state when you graduate law school. Also, remember that the unemployment-upon-graduation rate is proportional to your school’s reputation.

Luke said...

That was the deciding factor for me and I also went to law school where I went to undergrad. I've never regretted it; easily one of the best decisions I've ever made. Though perhaps that's not a high bar now that I think about it. No debt = options, both short term and long term.