Friday, January 16, 2009

Busy past 2 days...

In the past two days, I've been accepted to two law schools. One of which I would LOVE to go to...except tuition is a little high, so we'll see.

Today I received my first rejection. It was from a school that I kind of, sort of expected to be rejected from, but it still sucks. Even though I probably wasn't going to go to this school (it's in Boston and Boston is way too expensive to live in) it I feel like a door has been slammed shut in my face. I suspect I was rejected because of my LSAT score.

I'm so ordering pizza now...though in all fairness, everything is covered in snow and Little Car hates snow, so yeah, no other options really... (I'll just keep telling myself that).

Oh well though. I have 7 other law schools that want me. Ha.

I withdrew from a school yesterday too. Just sent a little email. It was a 3rd Tier school in my state and since I already got into a school ranked in the top 60 and would way rather go there, I withdrew. So now I have 6 more schools to hear from. Ugh. I expect at least four of these will likely reject me too. Oh well. I would rather go to the schools that I've already been accepted to anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on all your acceptances! That's GREAT! I only applied to 3 schools, one a dual degree program. So when I didn't get into the master's part (but did the law school) I dropped that out, leaving two to choose between. Not a process I'd recommend - casting a wider net is far wiser I think :) Feel free to continue lurking away here, or de-lurk :)
And again, CONGRATS!~Amanda