Sunday, September 20, 2009

Into week 5

Week 5 is here! Tomorrow, I'm participating in my first law school competition - it's not a mock trial, but negotiation. I'm looking forward to it. Very nervous, of course, but I'm just hoping I won't make an ass of myself and that it'll be a good experience. I like my partner for it and I think we'll work well together so that kind of makes me less apprehensive over the whole thing.

Classes are okay. Currently, I like civ pro and torts the best. It's kind of ironic because I used to like contracts because it's ambiguous and left up to the circumstances, but now I dislike it because it's ambiguous and left up to the circumstances of the case. It's like a penduluum. Next week, it'll probably swing back into favor.

Also, I may or may not be entering into a gray area where I would be committing a cardinal sin of law school: getting involved with a classmate. But I don't want to, I don't. I can't be involved with anyone right now, it's distracting and stresses me out. He keeps texting me, which is nice and all, but it just is just... somewhat distracting. Maybe at a later date, maybe when we're good friends or something along those lines, I'll contemplate something more, but not now. Then again, it's also very likely that I'm blowing this whole thing out of proportion and that there is nothing to even be bothered with and he's just being a nice guy. Maybe it's been so long since I've had contact with a nice guy that I don't know what they are anymore, so I'm just suspicious of every male who even says hi. Who knows really.

Off to study civ pro!


Anonymous said...

Blowing it out of proportion or not, I'm excited for you!!!!!

John said...

If a relationship isn't a good idea now, that's one thing. But ignore this "cardinal sin" BS about getting involved with classmates. Hooking up with classmates is risky. Dating them is fine.