Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graduation Day Extravaganza!

Today I graduated from college. Well, provided I passed all my classes... I walked in two of the ceremonies - the Honors one (at 9:00 am) and the Arts and Sciences ceremony (at 1:00 pm). Both ceremonies lasted about two hours, though one would have expected the Arts and Sciences ceremony to last two to three times as long. Though there was probably only 1/3 of the seniors there. I know I was the only Honors graduate in my major. All the other graduates who received honors in my major (about four of them...) skipped the Arts and Sciences ceremony. My parents wanted me to go though. So, I did. After all, without them, who knows if I would have made it this far? If I would have been as successful as I am so far? The graduation ceremony is as much as a celebration for them as it is for me. So, if they want an all day affair, then so be it. I'll happily oblige.

Next week is my baby brother's graduation! I have a feeling that my parents, or my mom at least, will be more emotional at this one. I think my college graduation got downplayed a bit as a big symbolic step into the "real" world since I'll be going to law school in August, but my brother is the baby. Once he moves into his dorm in August, my parents will be...childless. I mean, of course they'll still have us, but I guess, well, we're gone.

Anyway, I'm excited to go to my brother's graduation next week. It feels a bit unreal, that everything is happening so fast, yet so slow too. I like it all though. No complaints, yet.


S said...

Congrats on graduating and good luck next fall! I pretty much loved every minute of law school. Hope you will, too.

Anonymous said...

congrats! (I totally skipped graduation for high school and college).

And yes, 0L summer is the slowest time ever.

Molly said...

The graduation was more for my parents than me. Walking was okay, and maybe it will be an experience that I look back and will be glad I did it, but right now I could take or leave it. But my parents were the ones who paid for my education and supported me and they wanted me to walk at the two ceremonies, so I happily did so, for them.

paresh said...

Congrats to you Molly, on your graduation. With lots of love from India!!!!