Saturday, August 30, 2008


I'm awful. I haven't studied any LSAT stuff since the practice test on Wednesday. I really need to get on it. I also need to keep editing my personal statement, but I haven't touched that in weeks either. Maybe this weekend.

Ugh, but of course, I have plenty of homework to do this weekend also. I have to write a short paper over a book (the Epic of Gilgamesh) but I don't think that'll take two long. I have to do my Latin quiz and translations, but that'll take maybe two hours. And finally, I have to read three articles for Economics and I have to read some for my feminist class. It's just a ton of reading. Okay, Gilgamesh reading and paper today and tomorrow. I'll do Latin tomorrow too and maybe the feminist reading too and I'll save Economics for Tuesday.

Big football game tonight. I'm so excited. I love football and my college is supposed to do well tonight too. Most sports analysis' have us picked to win. I love college football.

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