Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Dexter is an amazing show. Weeds is too. I love them both.

No classes today. I did meet with my capstone advisor. Or at least, I hope he's my capstone advisor. I asked him to be, but he never said yes, just arranged a meeting with me during which we discussed topic for my senior paper. I'm pretty sure that means he's my advisor. I had a meeting for tutoring too. I got my schedule. Apparently I said I'd work 14 hours... I'm pretty sure I changed that, but oh well. It's not that important.

I'm tired of doing homework. I still have to read two articles for economics. I should get on that... but I'd rather watch Dexter.

Didn't do any law related stuff today. My LSAT class starts tomorrow. I've been slacking off on the studying something awful. Hopefully this class will motivate me to get focused on it again. I need to work on my personal statement some more too. I'm so tired of working on it. I want to be done with it.

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