Monday, August 3, 2009


I moved into my new apartment on Saturday. It's very nice. Hard wood floors, a very slow internet connection, and window air conditioning units, but those are my only complaints. Actually, the window units work a lot better than the central air conditioning system did at my last apartment. My new bedroom is huge too. I didn't realize how crappy my old apartment was. One of my friends came over yesterday and was completely enamored with my new place. Even said she was jealous. In remarking about my old apartment and how crappy it was, she was in total agreement. Admitted that she didn't like going over there that much last year because she was afraid it would collapse (the floors were very uneven). Haha, oh well. I don't live there anymore, thankfully, and I'm not ever going to live in another hell hole with a slum lord ever again (as long as I can avoid it, that is).

My law school finally put up orientation information. My orientation is August 18-20. We have an optional public service opportunity the morning of the 18th before the actual orientation begins. I signed up for it. Figured I might as well and it's at the food bank where I have volunteered before. They didn't say anything about dress for it, but I figured I would probably this advice though I probably won't be wearing any dresses, just some nice trousers and nice shirts - not jeans and t-shirts. That's the plan right now.

Also, my school posted my book lists. Good grief they are expensive. I'm planning on getting them this week at the bookstore. There is going to be a sale at the law school by the law students of their own books and other supplements on some of the days leading up to orientation, but I figured I would just check out the supplemental materials that they have instead of books. Besides I was thinking of buying most of my books new (I can hear my wallet weeping as I type...) that way I'll be able to make sure there is plenty of space in the book for me to make my own notes and highlight what I feel is important. I've noticed with books I got in the past that were used and people had highlighted in them that often times I would just read what people had highlighted. I don't think this is a good habit for law school. Especially with the earlier cases that we'll be covering.

It's already August 3rd and will shortly be August 4th. Hard to believe that law school is just three weeks away. The times they are a-changing.


1L poet said...

Thank you for the post. I've added your blog to my blogroll at

Trying to round up some fellow 1Ls et al to keep my blog company. Good luck to you (getting though the next two jittery weeks)!

Dennis said...

I always buy my books new...this is especially helpful if you book brief (which means summarizing in the margins so you can respond quickly to questions rather than typing your notes out.)

I would warn against buying any supplements besides nutshells because reading a supplement can quickly become a burden...and the cliche "you take the professor, not the class" is very true...the professor (and your classmates) are only going to be annoyed if you bring up something not covered in class.

ALSO (to make this even longer!) beware of old editions! For example, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have been completely overhauled, so if you get the wrong edition you're screwed. Editors of casebooks also shorten/lengthen cases with different editions (which come out frequently) so buying an old casebook is a little more hazardous than mis-matching page numbers.

Molly said...

Reply to Dennis:

Thanks for the advice! I made sure to check the used books to see if they had been marked in a lot, so I could pick the one with the least amount of writing and highlighting in it. I did so because the used are around $50 less than the new ones. I did buy my contracts book new.

As far as supplements go, my school has an ABA sale of the 1L's from last year's stuff, so I figure I'll check that out and see what they have to offer. My civ pro professor has the supplement for the civ pro book as a required item, but as for the others... I'm waiting to see.

I always appreciate the advice, so write as much as you want in the comment section. Thanks again.