Monday, August 17, 2009

A Letter to Myself

Dear Self,

Tomorrow is my first orientation day to Law School. There will be another orientation on Wednesday and the last one on Thursday before classes start on Monday, the 24th.

I know you're nervous. Tomorrow you'll be thrust into this new environment with all these new people, people who will be your colleagues in three short years. It's scary and you're shy and quiet, especially around new people, so these next couple of weeks are going to be difficult, but don't let that get you down.

Have courage, self. Be bold. Be friendly, but of course, professional. Remember to smile, maybe now and again. Also, don't be judgmental. I know it's a defense mechanism, but work to give people second chances. Yes, people will say things that will make them come off as incredibly pretentious, but give them a chance. It might be something you misconstrued, or even if not, there is still more to them. People (well, most) are like onions (ala Shrek). Just keep that in mind.

Have some fun too. Don't be the girl that gets wasted and makes a fool of herself, but do talk to people, enjoy yourself. Just don't do anything stupid. I know, easier said than done. Spend some time with the people that have been there for you through the years. Don't blow them off for your new law school friends, but don't blow your law school friends off for the friends that haven't been there and probably never will. But given that I haven't hung out with too many people this summer and that this usually isn't too much of a problem anyway, I don't think this is anything to really be preoccupied with right now. All of this usually ends up working out for the best anyway.

Study, self. Work hard. Don't be lazy. If you're are stressed out, by all means, take a break, but don't just watch tv because you don't feel like doing the readings right now. Just work through those feelings. Don't make excuses either. Just do the homework, like you're supposed to. Be excited about the material too. I know you're excited now, I heard the little squeal of joy you gave out when you were looking through those outlines you received... Hold on to that. Hold on to that interest, that passions. Don't let it slip away from you. Remember that the law is a new language, and you're learning it. Have fun and don't let yourself get to frustrated. Persevere.

Study. Make friends. Be good. These are the three things that I want most for the new school year. Yes, some other things as well, but those are three big main ideas.



P.S. Don't go overboard on joining organizations. Join a couple and be active in them. Really commit, don't just attend meetings (for the free food and drink).


Anonymous said...

You're going to be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hope orientation is treating you well!

Dennis said...

Don't underestimate the free food.

Molly said...

reply to Dennis:

Haha, then does that mean I shouldn't underestimate the happy hours either?

Anonymous said...

Reply: I'm not on a journal, as in "I'm on law review", but I'm work study as a Research Editor for our journal dealing with national security. I love my job.

Benjamin Quinn said...

Great letter. This sums up what I'm feeling so well! My school's a couple of weeks behind so I'm just about to start orientation week. (I'm getting more and more nervous/excited every day.)

Sorry for the ridiculously long delay in responding to your comment :| I stopped blogging last year around the time I was illegally kicked out of my apartment by my landlord (it was a rough couple of months.)

Congrats on getting in though! Very exciting. Best of luck!

Benjamin Quinn said...

^^^ Oh sorry, that's from my old Blogger account (which I really need to take down.) My new site is, of course,