Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LSAT fun

I guess tonight was the first 'real' night of the LSAT class. It' The teacher seems very intelligent. She's currently clerking for a Judge of my state's Supreme Court. Impressive or something like that. She remembers names and faces which is even more impressive (this seems to be a forgotten art). The class moves so slow though that's the problem. Then again, today we were working on Logic games which is my best sections, so maybe that's why I was so bored the whole time. I kind of feel like an asshole typing that, but if it helps any, I'm awful at logic reasoning. It kicks my ass every time. I just hope my score goes up. That's all I really need from this class.

I have to admit, I did get pretty excited during one part of it though. We were reading a law passage from the reading comprehension section. The passage we were reading was an actual case. Those in law school will know it as the 'hairy hand' case (maybe). The one where the surgeon preforms surgery on a guy with a burn on his hand. He takes skin from his chest and grafts it onto his hand. Of course, since it's hair from the man's chest, it's rather hairy and the guy ends up rather displeased with the surgeon. I think the case is from 1929 (New Hampshire was maybe the state?) or something like that. Anyway, when we were reading it, the teacher lady said that it was the type of case we'd be reading in law school and that was it for me. I just felt so excited reading it and happy too. I love love history and that's what the case kind of felt like to me. It felt like reading and analyzing history to determine it's relevance to now and I really liked that. Needless to say, I feel pretty confident with my choice in applying to law school. Now I just need to get on that...

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