Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thoughts on February

"All Februaries are without a doubt, the Worst Months in any given Year. Unpronounceable. Cold. Gray. Barren. A dumping ground for feature films. The month when you have finally used up all the tasty frozen preserves that you slaved over in a burst of super green eco-energy last summer. Now all you have left is freezer-burned hamburger meat, and you couldn't care less. The whole month is like freezer-burned hamburger meat. Put some ketchup on it and choke it down."-Samantha Bee [WSJ]

I hate February and it's almost over. Thank God.


S said...

This February has sucked more than most. But we made it through and spring training has begun! Let's go Royals!

Cowgirl in the City said...

I completely agree. February was horrible. Horrible, Evil, and Exhausting! I'm glad it's March now. Spring Break, here I come... too bad I have to write an appellate brief during it... but at least no classes!