Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons list to going to Undergrad law school.


I know current 1 and 2 L's, which will help I expect, adjusting to the demands of law school.
I already have an apartment a little more than a block from the law school building.
It's a well respected law school in the region - ranked 59th.
It has nationally ranked dispute resolution program.
Has an environmental law journal.
My friends are here.
My family is about 90 minutes away.
My brother is attending here for his Undergrad.
I've met some of the faculty and they seem really nice.
My roommate is fantastic - she feeds me, gives me chocolate when I need it, cuts me slack on the dishes, brings me 7Up when I'm sick... she's really fantastic.
Tuition for me is way cheap, since it's a public school and I'm in-state residency.


Ideally, I don't want to practice law in this state...but I can get over it. I guess.
Don't seem to offer much in way of environmental law classes, which is my primary interest.
I'll be here for 3 more years. I'd like a change, a new environment, I think it'd be good for me, help me to grow as a person.

Well I guess that's all I have thus far on way of pros and cons. Obviously more pros, which has a lot to do with why I'm 90% sure I'll be attending Undergrad for Law school.

Still have that 10% unaccounted for though... Just saying.

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Laughing said...

I would really, really recommend you think long and hard about where you want to practice before picking a school. If Undergrad state is really not where you can be HAPPY (as opposed to just ok), I would think about another school. Especially considering the economy, the connections you make in law school are going to be huge in finding you a job, and no one will tell you that finding a job in a different market is easy (perhaps even if you get in to a top 10 school).