Monday, February 16, 2009


Being deferred sucks. It's basically the school saying that they at the bare minimum like you. Like you just enough to keep you around for more months, but not enough to actually put you on a waiting list. Oh no, they're keeping your file around just to maybe, eventually, put you on a waiting list, or hell, maybe reject you. Yeah, they can just keep you waiting and then reject you.

Deferrals are frustrating. Thankfully, I've only been deferred from one school so far. The count is 8 acceptances, 2 rejections, 1 deferral, 1 withdrawal and 3 still out in the wild.

I'm glad to have a good idea of where I'm going to be in August, but I wish it was a done deal. I have zero patience. Argh.

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Daisy Duke said...

I got a deferral as well- and I said "um thanks but no thanks" and went on my merry way. Law school is a mind game- don't let them start messing with you now!!