Sunday, December 14, 2008

Heck yes.

Got in to another law school today! One that I'm seriously considering going to and one that my dad likes (that's important). Oh and it's in a city I could live in and the school has a great sports law program (and I love sports...) This could work. It could so work.

I'm 2 for 13 (accepted into 2 and still waiting to hear from the other 13...) No rejections yet either.

Now I should probably work on that econ paper, but I think I'll make some celebratory mashed potatoes instead.

And it's Amelia's birthday too! Which is awesome as well.

Such a fantastic day.

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Anonymous said...

Unless it's a top 14 school, it's best to attend law school in the city you want to practice in (for the networking, internships, etc.)

The exception would be if the law school in your dream-city is brand new or crappy and the alternative is a really good in-state that case the really good but semi-remote school will have a better networking base.