Monday, December 29, 2008


Today I found out that I got into my undergraduate's law school. Holy moly I am happy. I was terrified that they were going to reject me. My LSAT is between their 25th percentile and median score (which I know sounds neurotic...), so I was afraid it wasn't going to be accepted. Plus, I'm their baby! You can't reject your baby...or at least you shouldn't, but thankfully none of this was the case. I can stay right where I am for at least the next three years if I so choose.

Thank goodness.

On the other hand, instead of pushing the brake when I was supposed to I pushed the gas and ran Little Car (the name of my car) into a guard rail and tore off my license plate holder in the front. Damn. Took it to the car fixer place, but they said that they would have to order a part in for me. Poor Little Car, but thankfully that was all that was damaged. That and the little faith I had in my driving abilities...

But yay! I got into my undergrad law school that is ranked in the top 60.

So overall, a good day for me.

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