Tuesday, November 25, 2008

iTunes Bill

My iTunes bill is:

Bob Dylan
Barry Manilow
Florence and the Machine

Eclectic, yes?

The final count is 15. I applied to 15 law schools. A part of me thinks this is overkill, another part thinks I should keep applying. It could happen. I only meant to apply to 12. Then I sat down at the computer and next thing I knew I was filling out applications and hitting the 'submit' button. Damn LSAC and it's convenient website.

I have to work on two papers over break. Thankfully, only one of them is somewhat due when I get back to school (I have to make a 30 minute presentation). I also have to do an interview project, but that won't be too awful.

I love being home.


Anonymous said...

I applied to over 50 if that makes you feel better ;)

I got fee waivers to all except my first choice school (U Minnesota)

Nothing is wrong with options!

Benjamin Quinn said...

I'm in a similar boat - I applied or am applying to 14 schools. Now the wait begins!

(By the way, thanks kindly for your comment - I added you to my blogroll.)