Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm so terrified for my LSAT score to be posted. I'm worried that I'm going to get a score in the 140's or lower 150's and I'll have to take the damn thing over again in December. Oh god I don't want to take it again in December. I actually had a dream about getting my score. I dreamed that I got my score back on a pill bottle and the score was a 107. You can't even get a 107. Ugh, then though, I found the score was actually a 170. And oh goodness, I was hugging people and in pure elation. I'm not a hugger, so that's a pretty powerful thing that I'd be hugging people, even in my dreams. I was so so happy. I was so so sad when I woke up and realized the whole thing wasn't real.

Damn LSAT.

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