Sunday, November 29, 2009

What to say...

Sorry for the absence! I don't really have a good excuse for not posting, just got busy, I guess. I was still reading other people's blawgs, but not updating my own.

A few weeks ago I went to the negotiation regionals. Didn't get to advance, but it was a good experience.

Also a few weeks ago, I started dating someone. I like him. It's kind of strange, because I don't usually like people. I don't even know if you can really even say we're dating, but I like him and he says that he likes me, so yeah. We've been taking it day by day.

The timing is shit though. Because *cue scary music* finals are approaching! And considering the fact that he is in the law school too (he's a 3L) we're both all kinds of busy. Not like I've really seen him much in the past three weeks anyway, but finals are definitely not going to help this.

Finals scare me. Lots. All I have been craving for the past month is comfort, in forms of hugging, cuddling, and food. Mostly I've been craving comfort food, like mashed potatoes, pasta, sweets, that kind of stuff. It's bad. I'm going to gain 300 lbs in a month.

Also, speaking of stress, turned in my memo for Legal R & W. At least that class is over with. The memo though, what an insane project. I think it's a stamina test more than a skills one and I'm not sure how I measure up.

Well, with that said, I ought to go study...


Anonymous said...

Nothing kills your motivation to blawg like a new romantic interest (which makes it a bit sad that I blawg so much haha).

Finals aren't so bad...we'll be done in less than a month! And then, oh boy, the celebrating will be boisterous.

Anonymous said...

Mmm... mashed potatoes.

Have you ever added a small amount of horseradish when making homemade mashed potatoes? It is out of this world. Treat yourself.