Friday, August 24, 2012


I graduated from law school in May. I haven't found out yet if I've passed my state's bar (*fingers crossed though*). I have a job! I'll post more someday.

Monday, May 30, 2011


You can tell I'm really trying to procrastinate when I make a blog post.

I'm taking a summer class and doing an externship this summer. For the summer class, it's Trial Practice, I need to prepare a cross, write a trial brief, and prepare jury instructions. For the externship, I need to write a research memo on HUD regulations. Work, work, work. Fortunately, not all of this is due tomorrow (just the cross), but it's all stuff that needs to be done this week. Ugh. Where's summer break?

Only one year (hopefully) left of law school. Grades haven't been announced yet, so I'm not 100% confident in saying I'm a 3L just yet....

Saturday, January 22, 2011


It's been a while since I last posted...

Last semester was my best semester grade wise (though, that's not saying much). I'm still near the middle of my class. My friend, her strategy was to drink most nights before her final, ended up with her best grades of the semester and I believe broke into the top 20% of the class, so, there you go. The classes she studied the most for, she did the worst in and vice versa. Fortunately for me, the classes I studied the most for, Constitutional Law and Basic Tax, ended up being my best grades this semester and my best grades in law school yet. Still, I didn't study this semester nearly as much as I did as a 1L, so the incentive to work my ass off and study more this semester just isn't there.

I do have a job. I'm going to be doing some legal research for an attorney in town (hopefully interesting stuff) and I am also working at the courthouse too. We'll see exactly what that will entail, but probably stuff I can't blog about, which is fine too. Especially seeing how much I do blog.

Hopefully everyone else had a great semester.

I'm not taking anything too terribly interesting this semester - another tax class, evidence, a class on the environment and one on mental disability and the law (these two are my "interesting" classes, but the environmental law class has just turned out to be a bore so far) and a UCC class for the bar. So, exciting times my friends, exciting times...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not again...

8 am class in the morning. Professional Responsibility. What an exciting start to the new school year!

And then that night, I have a moot court competition. Woohooo. I should probably start preparing for that, or at least figure out what I'm arguing...

Oh and incoming 1L's, honestly, it's not to late to run. I'll elaborate on this at some point, but just take my word for it, it's not to late. But if you're going to ignore that then, good luck kiddos! I'm sure you'll all be terrific :)!

I need a job too. Gah. What am I doing with my life....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh Joy

All my class assignments have been posted - Conflicts of Law, Constitutional Law, Basic Tax, and Prof. Resp.

I guess that really means I am a week away from starting my 2nd year of law school.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I am a terrible, terrible blawger.

On another note, this is my 100th blog post. Whoo!

Still in law school. Survived my 1L year. Maybe I'll make a post about it next month... but lets not get our hopes up.

Currently interning with the Judge. He's very nice. I mostly watch trials, change of pleas, sentencing hearings, Rule 16 conference meetings... those kinds of things and am working on a brief. It's pretty laid back and his law clerks are very nice too. It's a good place to be for the summer.

So, yeah. Kids, try to work for Judges. They're pretty great people and very educational experiences.

That's all I've got, for now.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Wheels Keep on Turning

Today I'm coming to you *live* from my study carrel at school. Whoo! So exciting.
Probably shouldn't be updating my blawg while I'm at school, but meh. It's not like my study carrel partner (I have to share) is around or wants to use the study carrel and I actually did my K reading... unlike 75% of my class I'd say.

People have stopped going to K. Prof K doesn't seem to mind, or even notice really. Well, okay, he did comment on it one day, but he was more puzzled about the silence, not really the lack of students. I understand why people don't go, and yet, I continue to go to class. I don't know if I'm getting anything out of it. I can't say that for my other classes, I know that by attending those, that I'm learning...

It's not the same with K. Prof K lectures, but has different expectations for us when it comes to the final. Which is frustrating, because he wants us to do all this outside reading and essentially learn K on our own, but it's hard to do that when that's all the guidelines you have, nothing more. He lectures in class over the casebook and the like, but that's not what he expects us to know on the final.

At least it is March.

Almost time for spring break. Still have lots of work to be done. So, home I will go in hopes of productiveness to be achieved there.